AHAB Mission

The Alaska Harmful Algal Bloom Network (AHAB) was formed in 2017 to provide a statewide approach to HAB awareness, research, monitoring, and response in Alaska. AHAB coordinates a diverse group of coastal stakeholders to address human and wildlife health risks from toxic algal blooms.


  • Reduce health risks to humans from HABs
  • Identify information needs, data gaps, and emerging HAB threats
  • Expand and enhance statewide HAB, wildlife and shellfish monitoring
  • Improve effectiveness of and coordination for HAB event response
  • Develop HAB event forecasting capabilities
  • Improve HAB education and outreach to coastal Alaskans
  • Unify and build on existing regional HAB networks in Alaska
  • Facilitate a safe supply of seafood 


New partners are welcome!

Contact Thomas Farrugia (farrugia@aoos.org) for more information.

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