HAB Technologies

Imaging FlowCytoBot (IFCB) – These are high tech automated submersible microscopes which use a combination of flow cytometric and video technology to capture high resolution images of suspended particles. Additional machine learning technology can identify potentially toxic species from the images. See this IOOS article for more information

Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) – Developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, ESPs are referred to as “labs in a can”. They provide on-site analysis of water samples, identifying the presence of organisms and biological toxins. It can also preserve and archive water sample for later analysis after retrieving the ESP.

Continuous Plankton Record (CRP) – CRPs are towed behind vessels where they continuously record abundance and biomass of different types of plankton. CRP deployments have been conducted monthly in the Gulf of Alaska by the Gulfwatch program.

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