Monitoring Group: Alaska Sea Grant – Bering Strait

A Pacific walrus bull swims in the ice off Alaska’s coast. Photo by Joel Garlich-Miller, courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Geographic focus: Bering Strait region

Description: We work closely with the 20 tribally represented coastal communities throughout the Bering Strait region.  We respond to public health and/or marine wildlife health concerns including impacts from harmful algal bloom toxins.  We collaborate with the NW Arctic and North Slope Boroughs, NMFS, USFWS, CDC, Kawerak, SOA-HSS, etc. Results are distributed through meetings with and/or distributed written updates to tribal councils, general public, media, and other stakeholders.

Primary contact person: Gay Sheffield, (907) 434-1149

Additional contact: Brandon Ahmasuk



Alaska Sea Grant: Gay Sheffield

Alexandrium algae, saxitoxin, and clams: Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea 2018-2019




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