Monitoring Group: Alaska Sea Grant – Kodiak Archipelago

Geographic Focus: Kodiak Archipelago

Description: Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program Agent has been leading research, monitoring and education pertaining to Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) and Harmful Algal Blooms (HABS) in the Kodiak region since 2011. Research at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center has focused on improved toxin testing technology and has included work with Abraxis LLC and SeaTox Research Inc. (technology transferred from Mercury Science Inc.) and with Scotia Rapid Test in earlier years. Regional monitoring partners include the Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor, the City of Ouzinkie and the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak and efforts are underway to expand monitoring with additional partners. Educational partners include the Kodiak College, Kodiak Island Borough School District and AKTeach. Results from some of these efforts will soon be made available online.

Primary contact:

Julie Matweyou
Partner contacts:

Kelly Krueger

Lepani Nadore

Charity Clarion (contact through City of Ouzinkie)

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