Nome Algal Toxin Workshop

On July 16th & 17th, 2019 a two day workshop was held in Nome, Alaska focused on Algal toxins in the Bering Strait Region.

This two-day workshop in Nome covered identification of algal species, monitoring techniques, impacts to the ecosystem, and current HABs research results for marine wildlife sampled from the region. The workshop also included presentations on changing environmental conditions in the Bering Strait region and the State’s role in public health responses to algal toxin poisoning.

The first day of the workshop was targeted for local entities and the public. The second day was designed to inform local healthcare professionals at the Norton Sound Regional Health Corporation hospital on the symptoms, response protocols, and reporting of algal toxin poisoning and botulism poisoning.

2019 Bering Strait HAB flyer PDF

2019 Bering Strait Algal Toxin Workshop Report

Nome Algal Toxin Workshop Day 1: community members learn about toxins in seabird from Matt Smith and Caroline Vanhemert (USGS).

Nome Algal Toxin Workshop day 2: Bering Strait health professionals learn the symptoms of algal toxins and how to treat them.


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