1 hour radio show highlights Alaska ocean acidification researchers and fishermen

An ocean acidification touch-screen kiosk, developed by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council, currently resides in the Cordova Center. The kiosk has been stationed in Homer, Kodiak and Sitka in the past year.

The local radio station out of Cordova, KLAM, aired a 1-hour show on October 30, highlighting ocean acidification in Alaska, the science behind the issue, perspectives from the fishing community, and resources from the network.

Listen to the show

Guests include:

  • Jessica Cross, Research Associate with NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab,
  • Bob Foy, Director of NOAA’s Kodiak Laboratory
  • Marc Carrel, Cordova Fishermen
  • Shannon Carroll, Deputy Director of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council
  • Darcy Dugan, Director of the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network

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