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IPACOA, the IOOS Pacific Region Ocean Acidification data portal

This portal streams real-time and historical data from monitoring sites across the west coast, including four Alaska locations. Parameters include pH, CO2 of the water (ppm), salinity, water temperature and others. Data can be viewed in graph format and in some cases downloaded in raw form. Visit the portal.


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.29.01 AMNOAA PMEL (Pacific Marine Environmental Lab)

NOAA PMEL Carbon Program has a website that streams data from 21 ocean moorings across the country that make OA measurements. Among them are the GAKOA and M2 moorings in Alaska. Graphs, produced on demand, include the concentration of CO2 in the seawater and air as well as pH at the surface. They can be manipulated to show different time frames. Choose from the mooring list.


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The Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) data portal provides downloadable data from the Gulf of Alaska “Seward Line”, Prince William Sound, and the Alutiiq Pride shellfish hatchery in Seward.  Click on “project documents’ inside each project to browse the OA datasets. 


NOAA National Centers for Environmental Data (NCEI) – Ocean Acidification Data Portal

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All of NOAA’s OA-related datasets are housed in the NCEI portal. Users can filter by parameters of interest, dates, lat/long, and geographic search terms.  Queries return downloadable data with metadata. Access data.


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