Ocean acidification: What You Can Do

Many people ask, “What can I do about ocean acidification?” An important first step is what you are doing right now on this website: learning about the causes and effects, and efforts underway to address the issue. This information equips you to take practical steps yourself and to help others take action.

Ultimately, the driving force behind ocean acidification is the large quantity of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activities. Reducing carbon emissions is critical, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a guide to what you can do. Due to the amount of CO2 already in the atmosphere our oceans are already facing change, but we can work to avoid advanced effects of OA by reducing carbon emissions. Acting now to reduce emissions is a necessary investment in long-term solutions.

Stay educated

  • Join the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network list serve (below)
  • Join the Ocean Acidification Information Exchange (OAIE)
  • Learn about ocean acidification on a nationwide level (NOAA OAP)
  • Listen to the “Our Future Ocean” podcast on carbon policy (listen)

Be active

  • Join the list of OA network collaborators on the website (current list)
  • Join the Alaska OA Network Facebook page (here)
  • Share OA Network eNews and announcements with your organization’s membership
  • Participate in an an OA network working group (view)
  • Host a speaker in your community (expertise database. contact dugan@aoos.org)
  • Talk to your congressional delegation about funding OA research, mitigation and adaptation

Be energy smart!

  • Use less energy generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas (this will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions, making ocean life safer)
  • Find out what your local government, businesses and schools are doing to reduce use of fossil fuels and transition to renewable, clean energy
  • Educate others about how carbon dioxide emissions are impacting ocean life.

Contact us
Get involved. Email dugan@aoos.org

Check out this interactive resource that provides ideas based on money, time an resources: Realistic ways you can combat climate change

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