Videos & Webinars

Tipping Points project – Studying the effects of Ocean Acidification on Pink Salmon in Alaska

June 2021. 5 minutes. Produced by Southern Dipper Productions.

Community sampling in Southcentral Alaska

Feb, 2021. 9 minutes. Produced by Southern Dipper Productions.


Ocean acidification in Alaska including briefing on new salmon project 

Oct 2019. 1 hr 24 min. Public presentation in Anchorage.
Speakers Bob Foy (NOAA), Darcy Dugan (AOOS), Toby Schwoerer (UAA).

Influence of ocean acidification and climate change on the biogeochemistry in the Gulf of Alaska

Jan 2019. 15 min.  Claudine Hauri of UAF at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium in January.

Ocean Acidification in Alaska: Ecosystems and Economies

Feb 2019. 1hr 40 min (40 min are Q&A). Live-streamed presentation to Juneau public audience.


How to take a shelf-stable ocean acidification sample

Sept 2018. 4 min. Jacqueline Ramsay, Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery, filmed by Alaska Sea Grant.


Ocean acidification in AK – OA basics, current monitoring efforts, trends, & areas of highest concern

Dec 2016. 51 minutes (includes questions). Jessica Cross (NOAA), Alaska OA ‘State of the Science’ workshop.


Ocean Acidification and Shellfish Fishery Resources in the Aleutian Islands

Aug, 2016. 30 minutes. Bob Foy (NOAA). Aleutian Life Forum


A Climate of Change: Ocean Acidification in Alaska

July, 2014. 8 minutes. Island Institute


Ocean Acidification Impacts on Fisheries – short version

March 2016, NOAA. 14 min


 Ocean Acidification Impacts on Fisheries – full version

March 2016. NOAA. 63 minutes.


Changing Ocean Chemistry Threatens Alaskan Crabs

Sept 2013. PBS. 7 minutes


Ocean Acidification in Alaska

Alaska Center for Climate Assessment & Policy. 4 minutes


SOARCE webinar series

SOARCE (Sharing Ocean Acidification Resources for Communicators and Educators) is a webinar series that shares education and communication tools to promote an integrated and effective ocean acidification education community.

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