Alaska Water Level Meeting 2018

Meeting Summary

Held May 22-23, Anchorage, Alaska

The Alaska Water Level Meeting, Making Progress: Integrated Water Level Observation Network in Alaska was held in two sessions, Day 1. water level sensing technologies and Day 2. stakeholder and partner engagement. There were approximately 35 participants throughout the meeting, representing state and federal agencies, private industry, research institutions, a regional Native corporation, and a non-profit. The meeting included presentations and discussions to identify the appropriate technologies to fill Alaska’s water level monitoring gaps and the priority locations and uses of water level data.

For more information, contact Jacquelyn Overbeck,

Installation of NWLON by JOA Surveys, LLC at King Cove


  1. Welcome introduction
  2. Recap of Progress
  3. WLSensors ASTRA
  4. WLSensors UNAVCO
  5. WLSensors NOAA APRFC
  6. WLSensors NOAA COOPS
  7. WLSensors NOAA COOPS2
  8. WLSensors JOASurveys
  9. UsingWLs NOAA Axiom
  10. UsingWLs Notre Dame
  11. UsingWLs NOAA NWS
  12. UsingWLs NOAA OCS
  13. UsingWLs NPS
  14. UsingWLs HDR
  15. UsingWLs NOAA NTWC

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