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  • US-Russia Science Corner: April 7, 2021 at 2pm!

    Join us this Wednesday April 7th, 2-3:30 AK Time for the next US-Russia Science Corner: Bird Life Register for the Zoom Link: The World Wildlife Fund and the Alaska Ocean Observing ...

    Alaska Marine Science Symposium - US-Russia Science Corner

    Want to learn more about the science that is occurring in the Bering Sea on both sides of the border? If you are attending the Alaska Marine Science Symposium this year (virtually, and registration is free!) join us on January 27th from 1-3:30pm for th...

    New Bering Science report - 2020 summer science highlights

    We are pleased to share a new report, “Bering Science: Fall 2020 Bering Region Ocean Update – summer science highlights.” This report was developed by a team facilitated by a partnership between AOOS and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Interna...

    Watch the webinar on the Bering Science report

    If you missed the ACCAP Webinar, featuring Rick Thoman (ACCAP), Maggie Mooney-Seus (AFSC), Robb Kaler (USFWS) and Kathy Kuletz (USFWS), you can watch it here! The webinar included an introduction to the Bering Region Ocean Data Sharing Initiative, h...

    Bering Science: Spring 2020 Bering Region Ocean Update

    We are pleased to share this report developed by a team facilitated by a partnership between AOOS and the University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center (IARC).

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    Bering Region Ocean Features archive

  • Welcome

    The Bering Region Ocean Data Sharing Initiative is a collaborative project funded by a White House initiative to increase sharing of ocean data. Our main goals are to:

      • Increase regional data sharing among federal, state, community and private sector partners
      • Provide needed information for stakeholder response to rapid ecosystem change in the Bering Sea
      • Support agency management & community decision-making, and
        Enhance economic opportunities


    Cape Espenburg Photo: National Park Service

  • Data Portal

  • Stakeholder Needs

    We plan to develop data and information products to support the key stakeholder needs:

    Improve Safety of Marine Operations

    • Safety at sea
    • Search & rescue
    • Spill response & prevention
    • Offshore energy

    Mitigate Coastal Hazards

    • Emergency response
    • Coastal erosion
    • Sea level rise & flooding

    Track Climate & Ecosystem Trends

    • Food security: subsistence, recreational & commercial fishing & hunting
    • Impacts of climate change
    • Sound

    Monitor Water Quality

    • Ocean acidification
    • Harmful algal blooms
    • Invasive species
    • Marine Debris