Using Vessel Tracking Data to Prioritize Bathymetric Surveying in a Rapidly Changing Arctic

Project Videos:

ADAC 2017 Project Video, Janzen and Bochenek on Arctic Bathymetric Survey

Marine Exchange of Alaska:

Providing AIS Services in Alaska

AIS Weather Station Installation

ADAC Reports/Presentations:

External Presentations to Stakeholders:

  • Jessica Austin, Axiom Data Science February 15, 2018. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Ocean Science Meeting 2018, Portland, Oregon February 11-16, 2018: Session: Big Data for a Big Ocean – Progress on Tools, Technology, and Services III. Presentation Title: Developing Big-Data Infrastructure for Analyzing AIS Vessel Tracking Data on a Global Scale AIS Vessel Tracking OSM 2018 v2.1 (1)

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