Webinar: Effects of Ocean Acidification on Alaskan Groundfishes

Alaska Fisheries Science Center Seminar Series

Speaker: Tom Hurst, NOAA Fisheries Behavioral Ecology Program (RACE) in Newport, Oregon

Date: Feb 6, 9am AK time

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Passcode: 5944500

Summary: In this talk, I will review a series of experimental studies of the effects of elevated CO2 levels on fishes with an emphasis on our experimental work on the early life stages of commercially-important Alaskan groundfish. We have performed experiments with walleye pollock, Pacific cod, northern rock sole, and speckled sanddab. Initial work examined the direct effects of elevated COon the growth, survival, and energetic condition of fish. More recent work has expanded to look at the behavioral impacts of ocean acidification (OA) and the potential interactions between nutritional and physiochemical stress on larvae. These results are being incorporated into analyses of the risk that OA plays to Alaskan communities.

If you have any questions contact chris.bassett@noaa.gov or ben.fissel@noaa.gov. This year the seminar series is hosted by the REFM and RACE/MACE divisions at AFSC.


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