Welcome to the network

SEAK OA buoy

This buoy, operated by UAF’s Ocean Acidification Research Center, collections OA data in Port Conclusion (Southeast Alaska).

Alaska joins other regions around the country in launching an OA network, designed to expand the understanding of ocean acidification processes and consequences in Alaska, as well as potential adaptation and mitigation actions. The network helps connect scientists and stakeholder communities to identify knowledge gaps, recommend regional priorities, share data, and determine best practices for monitoring in Alaska.

How you can be involved

  • Browse the website to learn about OA, including the current state of the science
  • Connect with researchers working on OA issues
  • Access OA data in regional, national and global databases
  • Read about best practices for contributing data
  • Join a monthly list serve to stay up to date on new OA-related findings and upcoming events in Alaska, including speakers and workshops

Read the Network Mission

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