2019 Field Season Photos from Foggy Island Bay

Drone docked and ready, sitting next to the Foggy Island Bay Met station in 2019.

Jeremy Kasper (right) and Stephanie deploying moorings in Foggy Island Bay 2019.

New Wind Sensor weather vane for FIB MET Station. Looks like a whale!

Seabat Echosounder (Left) and bottom mounted mooring configuration with ADCP and CTD on spider mooring (Right).


2018 Field Season Photos from Foggy Island Bay

Research Vessels Used for Ocean Going Activities

16m vessel well-suited for work in the region and is equipped with an articulating A-frame with a 2,000 lb. capacity winch with 450 meters of cable and a 6” deck mounted capstan winch. The UAF multibeam transducer was mounted to the port-side gunwale of the Ukpik

The M/V Leeway is a 11m x 4m Catamaran used during the September 24th -26th 2018 cruises, to retrieve moorings and to access the shore-based met-station. Captain Heather Ronek operated the Leeway for the duration of the cruise.

Meteorological (weather) site photos, Foggy Island Bay – These data are streaming real-time on the project data portal.

Field Deployments

Dr. Jeremy Kasper and Research Engineer Nicholas Konefal deploying one of the oceanographic moorings.

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