Alisa Aist

AlisaMy name is Alisa Aist. I grew up in Anchorage Alaska and the greater Alaskan wilderness. I was attending Polaris K-12 School when I first visited the amazing tide pools in Kachemak bay. It was that same year that I took my first intensive three-week course on filmmaking. This last summer I volunteered for the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies and spent a lot more time out in the tide pools doing what I love. I also took another 3-week intensive course on filmmaking my senior year in high school, which inspired me to use film as my method to communicate with the public. Being able to use film to communicate has changed my view of science and how it is done. I am currently pursuing majors in marine biology and environmental policy at Western Washington University and am planning on taking all the film classes I can as well.

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