AOOS Governance

AOOS Board Officers and Executive Committee

The AOOS Board is composed of the heads of federal and state agencies, academic and research institutions, and private entities (or their designees) that are party to the Memorandum of Agreement. The Board provides policy guidance, ensures sustained support by the Parties, and approves implementing documents. All attempts will be made to make decisions by consensus; however, in the event of a vote, decisions shall be by majority vote of those members present.

Board Executive Committee Officers are:

  • Chair: Katrina Hoffman
  • Vice-chair: Ed Page
  • Secretary: Cheryl Rosa
  • Treasurer: James Kendall

Representative Group

      Board Member Designee

State Agency
  • AK DEC: Jason Brune
  • AK DF&G: Dr. Katherine Howard 
  • AK DNR: Sara Longan
Federal Agency
  • NOAA: Amy Holman
  • USCG: Paul Webb
  • USGS: Dee Willliams
  • BOEM: James Kendall
  • AK Sea Grant Program: Ginny Eckert
Research Entities
  • University of Alaska: Brad Moran
  • NPRB: Lynn Palensky
  • PWSSC/OSRI: Katrina Hoffman
  • NOAA AFSC: Bob Foy
  • US Arctic Research Commission: Cheryl Rosa
  • AK SeaLife Center: Tara Riemer
  • Marine Exchange of AK: Ed Page
  • North Pacific Fishery Management Council: Kenny Down
Environmental NGO
  • World Wildlife Fund: Margaret Williams 
  • Indigenous People’s Council on Marine Mammals: Mike Miller 

Governance Documents

Board Meeting Materials

Date Materials
October 2020
September 2020
August 2020
Executive Committee
May 2020
December 2019
July 2019
Executive Committee
May 2019
April 2019
Executive Committee
March 2019
Executive Committee
November 2018
July 2018
Executive Committee
May 2018
April 2018
Executive Committee
January 2018
July 2017
Executive Committee
March 2017
October 2016
March 2016
November 2015
June 2015
April 2015
October 2014
March 2014
December 2013
April 2013

Archived Meeting Materials

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