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Faces of Climate Change

In partnership with Alaska Sea Grant program, the Alaska Marine Conservation Council, COSEE Alaska, AOOS has produced three compelling short videos showcasing the dramatic changes in Alaska’s marine ecosystems through interviews with scientists and Alaska Natives.

Faces of Climate Change — Introduction from Darcy Dugan on Vimeo.

This introduction to the impacts of climate change in Alaska includes interviews with Alaska Natives, commentary by scientists, and footage from Alaska’s Arctic. View the other two videos

Links for Educators

      • Arctic Ocean Ecosystem Collection – a body of educational resources developed during a joint scientist-teacher workshop in Barrow in 2012. This searchable collection includes individual activities, lesson plans, videos, and presentations.
      • The Alaska Seas and Rivers marine/aquatic curriculum –  developed by Alaska teachers, this resource provides high-quality units for use by teachers and homeschoolers, as well as interpreters, youth groups, nature tour guides, and anyone seeking fascinating content on marine science topics. The curriculum meets Alaska science content standards and grade level expectations.
      • National Climate Assessment – Teaching Climate – links to existing resources for five of the “key message” for each region.  For Alaska, the messages are on the topics of disappearing sea ice, thawing permafrost, changes in ocean temperature and chemistry (e.g. ocean acidification), shrinking glaciers, and Native communities. 
      • COSEE Alaska – part a national network of centers aimed at helping ocean scientists reach broad audiences with their research. These Alaska theme is “People, Oceans and Climate Change”, focused on weaving together traditional knowledge and western science to share place-based knowledge of ocean climate change in the north.
      • NOAA in Your Backyard (Alaska) – a listing and directory of educational opportunities and education/outreach specialists for the state of Alaska through NOAA.
      • Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) – outreach and training materials.
      • Data in the Classroom is an online resource for K-12 teachers interested in using real scientific data in their teaching. This site is also home to the NOAA Ocean Data Education (NODE) Project, which is creating curriculum and online tools that demonstrate the use of real-time data.
      • EnvironmentalScience.org. – resources for people exploring environmental science as a career. 
      • Sustainability Degrees. – Get access to leading sustainability degrees, sustainable careers of the future, excellent learning resources, and an understanding of what sustainability really means.
      • Affordable Environmental Science Degrees. – A site that helps students studying environmental science (and 30+ other subjects) save money on their education, as well as info on the different types of environmental science degrees and environmental science program accreditation.
      • The New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) -The NYWEA Environmental Career Scholarship is available for the New York students who are enrolled full-time in a B.S. or B.E. degree program with an environmental emphasis/ emphasis on public service.
      • Clean Our Oceans: The Impact of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – An interesting article about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that was shared with us by a middle school science student in Colorado. Thanks David!
      • Ultimate College Preparation – College preparation guide.
      • Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Plastic Containers – A site that offers many ways to reduce the flow of plastics to our oceans. Thanks Nina!
      • Environmental Science Degree – They recently updated their environmental education guidebooks to better help job seekers, professionals, and students understand the changing landscapes of the sustainability programs and their impact on careers and employment.
      • Discover Data Science -Their mission is to serve students by delivering accurate, high quality information presented in a simple, clean format. We believe we have assembled the most thorough listing of data science programs available.
      • Green Solutions for Your Home -A helpful resource that includes tips on recycling, composting, water conservation, energy conservation, and green cleaning. Thank you Ava!
      • A Quick Guide on How to Properly Dispose of Mattress – Getting rid of an old, ripped mattress is not really that hard if you understand the proper ways to dispose it of. 
      • Data Science Courses – Udemy offers courses created by professional trainers that have been taught to over 5 million students and used to train employees in top companies.

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