Workshops and Reports


Meeting Date and Name Materials
March 2020
AOOS 2019 Annual Impact Report
January 2020
White House Ocean Partnership Workshop
March 2019        AOOS 2018 Annual Impact Report
March 2018        AOOS 2017 Annual Impact Report
December  2017        AOOS Data Management Review Report
March 2017        AOOS 2016 Annual Impact Report
Ocean Acidification State of the Science Workshop
September 2016
AOOS Strategic Operations Plan
January 2016
Scoping the Approach and Priorities for Ocean Acidification (OA) Monitoring Activities in Alaska
May 2015 Exploring Options for an Integrated Water Level Observation Network in Alaska
Dec 2014 Ocean Acidification Workshop
Sept 2014 ABCVA Community Meeting in Unalaska
Sept 2014 Ocean Observations and Ecological Forecasting
April 2014 Community-Based Monitoring: Observing Alaska’s Coasts and Oceans
January 2014 AOOS Modeling Strategy Meeting
December 2013 Coastal Hazards Meeting
Summer 2013 Sea Ice Product Survey On behalf of a number of sea ice product developers, AOOS circulated a survey on sea ice data products to people who access online sources for sea ice information.  The information collected was intended to help sea ice providers better understand their audience and guide the development of future sea ice resources.

March 2013
Arctic Ocean Observing Build-Out Plan
March 2013 Arctic Animal Telemetry Network Meeting AOOS facilitated a stakeholder meeting to explore interest in an Arctic Animal Tagging Network, describe data sharing repositories, and explore funding and agency support for a potential integrated demonstration project focused on sharing Arctic tagging data.

May 2012

WALCC/AOOS/USGS Coastal Hazards Workshop

Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Alaska Ocean Observing System, and US Geological Survey held a two-day workshop focused on coastal hazards that covered new information and collaboration opportunities.  Participants then developed initial marine and coastal models of processes that affect coastal processes and identified key information needs to improve coastal hazard predictive capabilities.  Workshop ReportPresentations and Handouts:

  1. Research and Collaboration Opportunities
  2. Western Alaska LCC Introduction – Joel Reynolds WALCC
  3. Alaska’s Climate and Science Center – Steve Gray USGS
  4. STAMP, Arctic Assets – Darcy Dugan AOOS
  5. National Ocean Policy – Molly McCammon
  6. National Ocean Policy – (handout)
  7. Sea Ice – Dave Douglas USGS
  8. Changing Storm Tracks – Aimee Fish NOAA
  9. Water Level & Tides – Aimee Fish NOAA
  10. Coastal Landforms; State of the Coast pt.1 & pt. 2 – Ben Jones USGS
  11. Highlights of the Bering Sea – Francis Wiese NPRB
  12. Statewide Mapping – Anne Johnson ADNR
  13. AOOS Statewide Perspective – Molly McCammon AOOS
  14. Western Alaska Stakeholder needs – Joel Reynolds WALCC
  15. Western Alaska Stakeholder needs – (handout)
  16. USGS Science Portal – Tony DeGange USGS
  17. Break-out Group instructions for Conceptual Model Development
  18. Western Alaska LCC Conceptual Model

Sept 2011

A Preliminary Build-Out Plan for the Alaska Ocean Observing System


Aug 2011

NOAA/AEA Hydrokinetic Workshop

NOAA’s National Ocean Service and the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) held a stakeholder meeting to discuss their partnership and project to assess the potential for tidal hydro kinetic energy in Cook Inlet. Meeting Agenda

September 2010 Coordinating Coastal and Ocean Monitoring Collaborations between the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS), and Others

August 2010 US Army Corps of Engineers/AOOS Workshop on Coordinating Coastal and Ocean Monitoring
May 2010 Stakeholder Workshops on IOOS themes
March 2010 Cook Inlet Modeling Workshop Hosted by AOOS and the Oil Spill Recovery Institute, the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, NOAA, and the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council. Researchers came from a variety of universities, agencies, and institutions to network, share projects, and assess the needs for numerical forecast models in Cook Inlet.

January 2010 Marine Spatial Planning
October 2009 Coastal Managers Workshop and Seminar Managers throughout Alaska met in Anchorage to learn about coastal processes, share projects, and discuss ways that AOOS can better assist decision makers.Workshop reportWorkshop presentations:

January 2009 Arctic Research and Monitoring Workshop
January 2008 Volunteer Observing Ships Workshop Workshop AnnouncementPresentations:

January 2008 Prince William Sound Field Demonstration Planning Workshop
June 2008 Water and Ice Dynamics in Cook Inlet Final Report on MMS OCS Study 2008-061 (Mark Johnson)
August 2007 AOOS Planning Workshop

Draft Planning Documents

Conceptual Designs (draft)

October 2007 Arctic Shelves Data Exchange Roundtable
Februrary 2006 North Slope Stakeholders Meeting Meeting Summary
April 2006 Oil + Gas Industry Needs Workshop Workshop Report
October 2006 Sea Ice Working Group AOOS established a Sea Ice Working Group to assess the adequacy of monitoring of sea ice in Alaskan waters, to identify user groups, and to provide recommendations for future monitoring.

August 2006 Hydrographic Services Review Panel meeting Meeting Summary
February 2005 Cook Inlet Physical Oceanography Workshop
June 2005 A Demonstration of the Alaska Ocean Observing System in PWS Workshop Report
March 2004 Mapping of Surface Currents from High Frequency Radar in Alaska More information
April 2003 Coastal Alaska Observing System Consensus Workshop Workshop Report

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