Arctic Research Assets Map — Registration (Points & Lines)

1) Download the correct template, based on what type of information are you contributing:

  • Fixed instruments – download the points template (e.g. buoys, moorings, stations)
  • Monitoring transects download the lines template (e.g. ship tracks, aerial flyovers)

If you have both types of information (both points and lines), please complete a sheet for each.  You will need to upload them separately below.

2) Format your spatial data to match the template, using the instructions on the template. Be sure not to add or remove any columns from the template. Save your spatial data as a .csv file.

3) Fill out the Registration Form below and attach your spatial .csv file.  If you have both points and lines .csv files, you will need to fill out a separate form for each.

The map will be updated weekly. If you have any questions, or are working with data that doesn’t fit the format in the templates, please contact Jordan at

Thank you for your contribution!

 Proceed to Points & Lines Registration Form

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