Hannah Baird

HannahI grew up in Homer, Alaska with my parents, Steve and Marie, and older brother, Jason. Much of my time was spent out on the ocean with my family and our much-loved skiff. We would explore Kachemak Bay searching for new areas to fish, new beaches to walk, and new paths to hike. As I grew older, I moved from simple appreciation of our coast to critical analysis of human interactions with the Alaskan waters. This last summer I was a wild salmon intern and focused much of my energy on the importance of clean water, but during my free time I went cliff jumping, swimming, and whale watching with my trusted GoPro and Canon camera. I am now a sophomore in college and am an Environmental Studies major with a focus on biology so that some day I can come back to Alaska and help protect the land I love. Concentrating my college studies on biology gives me a scientific lens through which I can evaluate the ecological systems that I have grown up loving. Film and wildlife photography gives me a way to share my experiences with others, and to help others see the beauty that we, as Alaskans, have the opportunity to enjoy in our everyday lives.

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