Project – Alaska Sea Ice Atlas Update


Update the Alaska Sea Ice Atlas (constructed under previous AOOS funding) and facilitate use of the atlas.


The Alaska Sea Ice Atlas was constructed in a two-year project funded by AOOS.  The original atlas covered the period 1850-2013.  In order to keep the atlas up-to-date, we add new data in six-month increments as soon as such data are available from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.  We also respond to user requests for information about the database and for assistance in using the database.


  1. Ensure user access to up-to-date information on sea ice in Alaskan waters; the information includes digital data for download by users as well as a user interface that enables interactive exploration of the dataset.
  2. Promote use of the dataset, monitor user feedback and queries, and trouble-shoot any problems that may arise in users’ experience with the database.


  1. The database will be updated at six-month increments using the satellite passive microwave data provided by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).  The updating includes regridding of the NSIDC data to our 0.25°x0.25° latitude-longitude grid, as well as removal of spurious coastal ice using an algorithm developed under a  past funding increment.  The data for the updates generally becomes available from NSIDC about two months after the end of the six-month period (e.g., data for January-June 2016 will become available in early September 2016).
  2. The updated data will be added to the downloadable file containing all the data, and the user interface will be updated by extending the timeline of the various “point and click” options and associated displays.
  3. Usage of the database will be monitored, including downloads of the digital data and access via the user interface.  The monitoring will include responding to user inquiries and trouble-shooting any reports of problems with actual data as well as the user interface.

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