Alaska Coastal Mapping Strategy Released

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We are excited to announce that the Alaska Coastal Mapping Strategy has been released. AOOS thanks all our partners including Alaska Mapping Executive Committee members, NOAA, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the State of Alaska for their hard work and contributions to the strategy.
“New efforts to map the coast will meet critical needs for coastal mapping data, including bolstering the shipping and fishing economy through safer maritime navigation, ensuring more resilient coastal economies through flood and wave impact modeling, data-driven coastal infrastructure development, improved emergency planning, and more effective community management plans.”
The full plan is available here:…/alaska-mapping-strategy-june2020.pdf
The presidential memorandum can be read here:…/memorandum-ocean-mapping-unit…/
Additional information can be found on the Alaska Geospatial Council’s Coastal Strategy Webpage.

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