AOOS Ocean Data Explorer Portal Version 2.9

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Version 2.9 features are now available on the AOOS Ocean Data Explorer.

The 2.9 version replaces the beta 2.8 version with improvements to the existing search functionality and introduction of a new method for accessing help docs.

New Features

  • Improved catalog search interface
    • Easier navigation between search types
    • New ‘Variable Type’ result type
    • Cleaner catalog interface
    • Improved search ranking
    • Easier access to active filters for quick removal
  • In-map search interface
    • Users can find mappable layers and add them directly from the map
  • Interactive help
    • Users can toggle on and off interactive help layer that gives direct access to help documentation snippets and gifs
    • Application remains usable while help layer is visible

We are continuing to extend the search service to offer additional search features in future releases, as requested based on feedback. These features include in-map sensor searching and aggregation of source providers in the catalog.

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