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The special issue is a joint collaboration between the Alaska Ocean Observing System and Rutgers University. Articles focus on the Prince William Sound Field Experiment in Alaska, and ocean observing in the mid-Atlantic and the Gulf of Maine.

A special issue of the journal Continental Shelf Research was released in July and includes a compilation of articles from a variety of AOOS research partners and collaborators.  The issue, titled “Coastal Ocean Observing System: Retrospective Reanalysis and Real-Time Forecasting”, focuses on findings from the 2009 Prince William Sound Field Experiment led by AOOS.  The field experiment was an effort to evaluate regional forecast models for their effectiveness in predicting wind, waves, and ocean circulation.  This major initiative involved over 15 organizations and academic institutions.  Scientists are still learning from the results.

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The journal includes the articles below:

  • Forecasting near-surface weather conditions and precipitation in Alaska’s Prince William Sound with the PWS-WRF modeling system – Peter Q. Olsson, Karl P. Volz, Haibo Liu
  • Disruption of a cyclonic eddy circulation by wind stress in Prince William Sound, Alaska – Mark J. Halverson, J. Carter Ohlmann, Mark A. Johnson, W. Scott Pegau
  • Sensitivity assessment of wave heights to surface forcing in Cook Inlet, Alaska – Gaurav Singhal, Vijay G. Panchang, James A. Nelson
  • HF radar was deployed during the experiment to provide surface currents in the Prince William Sound

    This graphic shows surface currents in the Prince William Sound captured by HF radar which was deployed for two weeks in the summer of 2009.

    Seasonal transport variations in the straits connecting Prince William Sound to the Gulf of Alaska – Mark J. Halverson, Claude Bélanger, Shelton M. Gay III

  • Untangling the roles of wind, run-off and tides in Prince William Sound -François Colas, Xiaochun Wang, Xavier Capet, Yi Chao, James C. McWilliams
  • Modeling tides and their influence on the circulation in Prince William Sound, Alaska – Xiaochun Wang, Yi Chao, Hongchun Zhang, John Farrara, Zhijin Li, Xin Jin, Kyungeen Park, Francois Colas, James C. McWilliams, Chris Paternostro, C.K. Shum, Yuchan Yi, Carl Schoch, Peter Olsson
  • Demonstrating the Alaska Ocean Observing System in Prince William Sound – G. Carl Schoch, Molly McCammon
  • A data-assimilative ocean forecasting system for the Prince William sound and an evaluation of its performance during sound Predictions 2009 – John D. Farrara, Yi Chao, Zhijin Li, Xiaochun Wang, Xin Jin, Hongchun Zhang, Peggy Li, Quoc Vu, Peter Q. Olsson, G. Carl Schoch, Mark Halverson, Mark A. Moline, Carter Ohlmann, Mark Johnson, James C. McWilliams, Francois A. Colas
  • Impacts of distinct observations during the 2009 Prince William Sound field experiment: A data assimilation study – Zhijin Li, Yi Chao, John D. Farrara, James C. McWilliams


About the Journal

Continental Shelf Research publishes articles dealing with the physical oceanography, sedimentology, geology, chemistry, biology and ecology of the shallow marine environment, from coastal and estuarine water out to the shelf break. Special issues are dedicated to results of large interdisciplinary studies or topical issues on specific subjects.

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