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ArcticDataVideo introduction to ArcticData
  • CAFF  Conservation of Arctic Flora & Fauna
  • PAME  Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment
  • Arctic Council
  • Biodiversity, boundaries, human dimensions, protected areas, shipping, topography
CADIS  Cooperative Arctic Data & Information Service AON   Arctic Observing Network (through the National Science Foundation)
  • Atmosphere, data management, education and outreach, human dimensions, hydrology and terrestrial cryosphere, interdisciplinary studies, ocean and sea ice, terrestrial ecosystems, supporting datasets
CN-NADC  Chinese Antarctic and Arctic Data Centre NASA
  • Atmosphere, biological classification, biosphere, cryosphere, human dimensions, land surface, oceans, paleoclimate, solid earth, spectral/engineering, sun-earth interactions, terrestrial hydrosphere
  • Data centers: locations, instruments/sensors, platforms/sources, projects
PAGPacific Arctic Group Data Portal Arctic Portal
  • Arctic boundary lines, Arctic coastal dynamics, Arctic organizations, Arctic sea ice, ASTI, EEZ, energy portlet (sunken nuclear submarines), fire information, fishing, megaprojects, ports, potential oil & gas fields, sailing routes, the three Arctic poles, UArctic members, weather in the Arctic, webcams around the Arctic
NSSI project catalog North Slope Science Initiative
  • Catalog of northern Alaska research activities
  • Designed for regulatory staff at Federal, State and local agencies, scientists within industry, and academic and NGO institutions to find what they need, as well as the public
  • Browse projects by keyword, location, organization, principal investigator, theme
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