Public Comment Opportunity at AFN: Oct 19th

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During Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention.  there will be two opportunities to comment on Arctic or fisheries issues.  The meetings are located in Anchorage at the Dena'ina Center, 600 W. Seventh Ave.,  Conference Rm. 3 (second floor)

What: Northern Waters Task Force Meeting

When: Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 1:00-2:30PM

Topic: Changing Arctic and its Impacts on Alaskans

Overview: The Arctic is rapidly changing.  The Arctic’s future will be dynamic, bringing both opportunities and challenges through mineral extraction, oil & gas development, fisheries, tourism, and marine shipping, to name a few.  Many decisions about the Arctic’s future are rapidly moving ahead seemingly without much input from Alaskans.  The recent and rapid changes in the Arctic are presenting local, state, federal, and international communities with serious new challenges and require a review of policies in the areas of habitat management, resource development, marine navigation, economic development and even national security. Decisions on these Arctic related issues could significantly impact Alaskans and indigenous populations.     For these reasons, the Alaska State Legislature passed House Concurrent Resolution 22 which created the Northern Waters Task Force (NWTF).   The task force set out to examine the changes in the Arctic and to speak with people in the local communities about the changes they were seeing and how they would like to participate in the many decision being made about the Arctic.   The task force has held hearings in different communities throughout the summer and would now like to give people at AFN the opportunity to comment as well.  More information on the task force.

What: Alaska Legislature House Special Committee on Fisheries meeting

Topic: A-Y-K Fisheries Issues

When: Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 2:30-5:00PM

An agenda will be worked up later on, but time permitting, we would like to provide an opportunity for anyone to comment on any fisheries issues related to the AYK region.

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