RV Marcus G. Langseth, 09/05/2011 – 10/09/2011

Vessel name: RV Marcus G. Langseth

[if-cf-gt “start_date” “0”]Planned cruise start date: [cf “start_date”][/if-cf-gt]
[if-cf-gt “end_date” “0”]Planned cruise end date: [cf “end_date”][/if-cf-gt]

[if-cf-gt “geographic_description” “0”]General geographic description of cruise: [cf “geographic_description”][/if-cf-gt]

[if-cf-gt “contact” “0”]Contact person: [cf “contact”][/if-cf-gt]
[if-cf-gt “contact_email” “0”][cf “contact_email”][/if-cf-gt]

[if-cf-gt “description” “0”]General scientific mission of cruise: [cf “description”][/if-cf-gt]

[if-cf-gt “assets” “0”]Types of assets being deployed/picked up: [cf “assets”][/if-cf-gt]

[if-cf-gt “other_assets” “0”]Other parameters being measured: [cf “other_assets”][/if-cf-gt]

[if-cf-gt “image_file” “0”]
Image file of proposed cruise track

[if-cf-neq “website” “http://”]
Cruise website

[if-cf-gt “update_date” “0”]When more specifics of cruise track will be known? [cf “update_date”][/if-cf-gt]

Extra ship space is available: No.
Flexible time in certain locations is available: No.
Help needed: No.
Other ideas for collaboration: No.

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