The Lower Cook Inlet Buoy is Back

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A big thank you to Kasitsna Bay Lab Director Kris Holderied and Jim Schloemer, a Research Technician with the Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, both pictured here, as well as to Yumi Arimitsu from USGS who took the photo, for successful re-deployment June 28 of the AOOS wave buoy off Anchor Point.  The buoy provides real-time wave data critical to safe boating and recreational fishing in lower Cook Inlet, and was out of commission while waiting for a replacement buoy with fresh batteries. NOAA KBL, KBNERR and USGS staff all collaborated on this effort using KBL and USGS boats. A special thanks to Paul Tate, captain of the USGS R/V Gyre.

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