Use AOOS to Track Fall Storms

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Wind model showing progression of Fall 2012 Alaska storm.

August and early September have brought unseasonably strong storms to parts of Alaska. The Arctic Ocean and the Bering Sea have both experienced storms that are unusual for this time of the year, an additional storm this week is expected to bring high winds (up to 100 mph) and rain to western and southcentral Alaska.

Monitor Predicted Conditions with the AOOS Model Explorer

Interested in following the forecasts as conditions change? AOOS users can access models and real-time sensor maps showing winds, waves, and other layered models.  The Model Explorer provides a suite of models to choose from, and allows you to click through time steps to see the forecast visualized on the map. You can also drop 'virtual sensors' to check predictions in locations you're particularly interested in.

How Hard is it Actually Blowing?

Real-time sensor map showing wind measurements with the red wind vectors.

Want to see how the actual storm is shaking out?  Visit the Real-time sensor map to find up to the minute information on wind, temperature, stream gauges, webcam images, and more. Red vectors indicate wind strength and direction.

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