AOOS is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary!

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We are extremely grateful for our partners, collaborators and supporters who have helped expand and strengthen our program since its inception in 2004.  We remain committed to collecting critical ocean and coastal observations, and distributing data and information products for informed decision making in Alaska.

The Birth of AOOS

The Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) was the brainchild of four visionary Alaskans:  Doug DeMaster, Director of NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center; Craig Dorman, Unviersity of Alaska Vice President for Research; John Goll, Alaska regional director of what was then the Minerals Management Service; and Lawson Brigham, deputy director of the US Arctic Research Commission.

These four saw the need for an integrated ocean observing system in Alaska given our extensive coastline and vast fishery, marine mammal and seabird resources.  They raised the funds to hire AOOS’ first executive director, Molly McCammon, coordinated the founding board of directors, and oversaw the first memorandum of agreement establishing the organization as part of a national system.  Ten years later, their vision for AOOS -as the eye on Alaska’s coast and ocean – is now helping meet stakeholder needs for ocean information to promote navigate safety, respond to coastal hazards, and track climate and ecosystem trends.

Join the 10th Anniversary Celebration – Events & Activities

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  • AOOS hosted an Ocean Film Contest for films 10 min or less. 32 films were submitted, and will be highlighted on the AOOS homepage in 2015. See the list of winners.
  • Keep an eye out for AOOS talks at science symposiums, shorebird festivals and other venues.
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