AOOS was approached by staff for the Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) Independent Task Force on U.S. Strategy in the Arctic to help coordinate a briefing on climate science for the group’s fact finding trip to Alaska.

The Task Force is examining the new challenges and opportunities in the region, including security, economic, and environmental concerns. This high-level group of experts is chaired by Admiral Thad Allen, executive vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. and former commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, and Governor Christine Todd Whitman, president of the Whitman Strategy Group and former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Esther Brimmer, former assistant secretary of state for international organizations, is serving as the Task Force project director. The Task Force aims to produce a consensus report that will offer guidance on policy options to leading decision-makers, particularly as the United States continues its chairmanship of the Arctic Council through 2017. To support this endeavor, co-chairs Allen and Whitman, project director Brimmer, and program director Anya Schmemann traveled to Alaska on a fact finding trip August 20–28, 2016.

Representatives of our Alaska science community were asked to give short summaries of their key research in Alaska.

Briefing Presentations


Arctic Science Capacity in Alaska: Cheryl Rosa, USARC


renee-tatsukoWeather and Climate: Renee Tatusko, NWS




Arctic Integrated Ecosystem Research Program: Danielle Dickson, NPRB


tom_ravens_photoModeling Coastal Erosion: Tom Ravens, UAA


scott_ruppWildfire and Carbon Dynamics in Alaska: Scott Rupp, IARC



molly-mccammon-headshotAOOS in the Arctic: Molly McCammon, AOOS



Contaminants in Pinnipeds and their Prey: Lorrie Rea, UAF


cathy-coonArctic Research: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management: Cathy Coon, BOEM



apoe_qnr_model Landscape Conservation in the Arctic: Aaron Poe, ABSI LCC and Joel Reynolds, Western Alaska LCC


bill-schnabelOil Remediation in Arctic Waters: Bill Schnabel, UAF




Arctic Sea Ice & International Linkages: Hajo Eicken, IARC/UAF




Higher Trophic Level Species Response to Climate Change: Nicole Misarti, UAF


metzger-smallResearch in Response to Increases in Arctic Shipping and Mineral Development: Andrew Metzger, UAA


catherine-cahillUse of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Arctic: Catherine Cahill, UAF



carothersArctic Fisheries: Courtney Carothers, UAF[/jcolumns]



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