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Ketchikan High School students, Hana Oshima and Micah Briola look for invasive tunicates under a dock near the village of Saxman. Photo by Deborah Mercy

Join AOOS and Alaska Sea Grant at the Alaska Forum for the Environment as we launch a project to identify and document best practices for new and ongoing community-based monitoring programs.  Discussion will focus on how to help ensure they are high quality, culturally appropriate, meet local needs, are designed to actually collect data of value, and eventually return data to those collecting it.

  • Session Title: Community Based Monitoring: Furthering the discussion on best practices for Alaska
  • Date: Friday Feb 7, 9-11 am
  • Location: Denaina Center, Anchorage
  • Presenters:
    • Mike Brubaker (LEO Network)
    • Ryan Toohey (YRITWC)
    • Deborah Greene (STEM Curriculum and Instruction, Anchorage School District)
  • Moderator: Molly McCammon (AOOS)
  • More info: contact Ellen Tyler,

This 2-hour session will feature presentations by several current Alaska CBM programs and provide AFE participants the opportunity to provide input into the discussion of best practices.

The session is a prelude to a larger workshop hosted by AOOS and Alaska Sea Grant on April 1-2 in Anchorage.  Find out more about the April workshop.

Background on the Community Based Monitoring in Alaska

Citizen science, traditional knowledge, public participation in scientific research…… these are all terms that can be included in what we now call Community Based Monitoring (CBM). Alaskans understand the dynamic nature of our coasts and river watersheds, and depend on the long-term health of these resources for food, recreation and economic value. With climate change hitting Alaska hard, an accelerated pace of change has heightened interest in local observations as a way to monitor, understand and adapt to change. CBM programs are being initiated by a number of tribal, nonprofit and government entities in communities across Alaska.  Read about the programs.


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