NAS Gulf Program to hold Alaska-focused virtual listening meeting

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The NAS Gulf Program is a new research program focused on human health, environmental protection, and oil system safety in the Gulf of Mexico and similar outer continental shelf regions. During the program’s 30-year timeframe, the NAS will carry out activities in three broad areas: research and development, education and training, and environmental monitoring. An Advisory Group (AG) has been appointed to steer the start of the new program which includes AOOS Director Molly McCammon.

To help its thinking, the AG is hosting a series of opportunities, including virtual meetings, over the next six months for people to talk with us and provide ideas on possible opportunities for our program.

Members of the public may join for the first virtual meeting to learn about the initial program planning and help the AG understand relevant Alaskan and Arctic issues and interests.

The meeting will include an overview of the NAS Gulf Program, an overview of Alaska OCS issues presented by the U.S. Arctic Research Commission, and an opportunity for discussion and input from participants. It will likely last about 90 minutes.  AOOS will make its conference room at 1007 W. Third Avenue in Anchorage for those who would like to participate jointly with other Alaskans; others can join by teleconference.

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