Meet the Team

Sound Predictions is an Alaska Ocean Observing System project with multiple partners, without whom this work would not be possible. Partners include:

Sound Predictions Team, Summer 2009
Project Leaders Affiliation Bio or Website
Molly McCammon
Project lead
Alaska Ocean Observing System
Scott Pegau
Drogued drifters
Oil Spill Recovery Institute More about Scott Pegau
Carl Schoch
Science Coordinator
More about Carl Schoch
Observation Team
Rob Campbell
Nearshore Moorings
Prince William Sound Science Center More about Rob Campbell
Mark Halverson
CTDs, Surface drifters, SVP drifters, subsurface moorings and hydrographic surveys
Prince William Sound Science Center More about Mark Halverson
Mark Johnson
HF Radar
University of Alaska Fairbanks More about Mark Johnson
(no photo available) Rick McClure
SnoTel Weather Stations
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Mark Moline
Remus-100 AUV and Solcum gliders
California Polytechnic State University More about Mark Moline
Carter Ohlmann
Surface, microstar, and SVP drifters
University of California Santa Barbara More about Carter Ohlmann
Modeling Team
Fei Chai
NPZ ecosystem model
University of Maine More about Fei Chai
Yi Chao
ROMS oceanic circulation model, Data assimilation
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Alaska Experimental Forecast Facility Find out more about Yi Chao
Peter Olsson
WRF atmospheric circulation model
University of Alaska Anchorage More about Peter Olsson
Vijay Panchang
SWAN wave model
Texas A&M University More about Vijay Panchang
Data Management Team
Rob Cermak University of Alaska Fairbanks
Mark Johnson University of Alaska Fairbanks More about Mark Johnson
Janene McMahan University of Alaska Fairbanks
Darcy Dugan
AOOS Program Manager
Alaska Ocean Observing System
(no photo available) Richard Brown Micro Specialties, Inc.
(no photo available) Mike Burdette NOAA National Data Buoy Center
Torie Baker UAF Marine Advisory Program More about Torie Baker
Art Allen
Search and rescue trajectory model
US Coast Guard
(no photo available) Glen Watabayashi
GNOME oil spill trajectory model
John Whitney
GNOME oil spill trajectory model

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