Research Vessel Status During the Pandemic updated 11/15/20

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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, we want to inform the community about research cruise status changes. Institutions and organizations are closely monitoring guidelines issued by the CDC, State of Alaska, and local governments to aid in their decisions about the 2020 field season. AOOS and the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) have put together a spreadsheet that shows the status of 2020 Alaska Arctic Research Cruises.

This information will be updated often. We will post it on the AOOS and IARPC websites, and email it to stakeholders out on the 15th of each month. If you want to be added to the email distribution list, please contact Ann-Christine Zinkann  or Jill Prewitt.

Please share this information and distribute it to communities of interest.

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