View the Arctic from the Healy!

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A webcam mounted high on the Healy provides hourly photos of the Arctic landscape. This image shows a cruise track since early Sept.

The US Coast Guard vessel Healy is commissioned each summer to conduct scientific research in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas.

This season the Healy is part of three scientific expeditions, and has already completed Chukchi Sea Monitoring in Drilling Area (COMIDA) with the University of Maryland. COMIDA seeks to explain biological, chemical, and physical properties that defines northern Chukchi shelf. Its final science expedition will include Assessing the Western Arctic Boundary Current and its role in the Arctic ecosystem and climate change with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Currently the Healy is collecting mapping and geological data with the center for Coastal and Ocean mapping center.

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Wondering what it's like aboard the Healy?  Where's the ice?  Can you spot whales? What does the Arctic sky look like?

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