Western AK LCC and ACCAP seeking information on coastal projects

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This map shows the geographic extent of the Western Alaska LCC in blue. The project synthesis created by ACCAP will include projects inside (or extending into) this area.

With support from the Western Alaska LCC, the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP) is identifying current coastal research and management projects taking place in western Alaska.  This information will be synthesized to document the “project landscape” for communities facing change, decision makers navigating changes, researchers pursuing projects, and funding agencies prioritizing resource allocation.  Coastal projects are defined as those that:

  • Focus on coastal drivers (storms, erosion, sea level rise, nearshore sea ice)
  • Occur in communities on or near the coast within the LCC geography and that are looking at coastal change
  • Involve shoreline mapping, stabilization, surveys, etc.
  • Assess coastal habitat or species response (including estuaries and delta habitats)
  • Include nearshore environments (lagoons, eel grass communities)
  • Include estuaries
  • Relate to marine mammals’ land or nearshore habitats
  • Address coastal subsistence species or populations (marine mammals, coastal birds)
  • Focus on fish at coastal sites

 If you are involved in a project, or know of a project that meets one or more of these criteria, please contact Casey Brown

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