Model: ROMS 3-Dimensional Data Assimilation (3DVAR)

Modeler:  Yi Chao, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)/UCLA

Funding Entity:  NASA, ONR, AOOS/NOAA

  • Input: Atmospheric forcing, fresh-water input from rivers and land runoff, surface data from HF radar and satellite, vertical profiles from ships, moorings, and gliders/AUVs
  • Scope:  3-domain nested ROMS with the most inner domain at 1-km resolution covering PWS; the intermediate domain at 3-km covers Cook Inlet.
  • Resolution: Cook Inlet domain resolution is 3-km; model output can be saved hourly.
  • Timeline: 2004-2009, ongoing operationally

Strengths: The major strength is the 3DVAR data assimilation system; the PWS nowcast/forecast system has been fully tested in PWS.

Weaknesses: To model Cook Inlet, the wet-and-dry capability needs to be tested and refined if needed.

Additional Data Needed: More subsurface data from moorings, gliders and AUVs.

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