Model: Delf3D

Modeler:  Prof. Tom Ravens and UAA grad students

Funding Entity:  Univ. of Alaska Chancellors Fund, Kenai Borough, Ocean Renewable Power Corporation

  • Input: Bathymetry, tidal forcing, sediment character, characteristics of hydrokinetic deployment
  • Scope:  Middle and upper Cook Inlet (i.e., north of Seldovia)
  • Resolution: Model has 100 m resolution with higher resolution by Fire Island and by the Forelands
  • Timeline: started in 2008, ongoing

Strengths: Model runs fast and is fairly accurate

Weaknesses: Model does not yet account for variation of velocity with depth, it does not yet include fresh water inflow, it represents HK devices with an enhanced bottom roughness

Additional Data Needed: The model needs improved bathymetry especially in Upper Cook Inlet

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