Model: Cook Inlet Operational Forecast System (CIOFS)

Modeler:  Rich Patchen and Lyon Lanerolle, NOAA NOS

Funding Entity: NOAA

  • Prediction: Water levels, and three-dimensional currents, temperature and salinity
  • Input: Meteorological and hydrological synoptic conditions and forecasts
  • Scope: Cook Inlet and Shelikof Straits
  • Resolution: Model resolution varies to 100’s to 10’s of meters in upper Cook Inlet.
  • Timeline: Started in 2010. Completion projected for 2012

Strengths: It will be a ROMS implementation with wetting and drying

Weaknesses: TBD

Additional Data Needed: Not able to say at this time.  What is needed in general is a comprehensive set of observations to determine, quantitatively, the model skill.

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