Model: NOAA Wave Watch 3 with nested Alaska Grid

Modeler: Eddie Zingone, NOAA-NWS

Funding Entity:  National Weather Service

NOAA WaveWatch III 4km resolution

  • Input: Winds from the GFS numerical weather model among other inputs
  • Scope:  Global for the Wave Watch 3. The nested Alaska Wave model coversthe entire southern Alaska including the Entire Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. It does not cover Shelikof Strait through Cook Inlet or Prince William Sound.
  • Resolution: The model runs every twelve hours and produces sixhourtemporal resolution out to 180 hours.
  • Timeline: Operational in 2000, updated in 2003/04

Strengths: Swell heights

Weaknesses: Wind wave component of the significant wave heights.

Additional Data Needed: Something that specifically addresses the smaller forecast areas such as Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay as well as Prince William Sound.

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